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Dataset connected to a database.


Source position: bufdataset.pas line 445

type TCustomBufDataset = class(TDBDataset)


  constructor Create(); override;


Constructor for the class instance

  function GetFieldData();


Get the data for a field

  procedure SetFieldData();


Store the data for a field

  procedure ApplyUpdates();


Applies pending updates to the dataset

  procedure MergeChangeLog;


Frees update buffers and Blob update buffer allocated for the dataset

  procedure RevertRecord;


Reverts the current record to its original (un-edited) values

  procedure CancelUpdates; virtual;


Cancels pending updates in the dataset

  destructor Destroy; override;


Free a TDataset instance

  function Locate(); override;


Locate a record based on some key values

  function Lookup(); override;


Search for a record and return matching values.

  function UpdateStatus; override;


Get the update status for the current record

  function CreateBlobStream(); override;


Create blob stream

  procedure AddIndex(); virtual;


Adds an index definition to the dataset

  procedure ClearIndexes;


Clears index storage in the dataset

  procedure SetDatasetPacket();


Retrieves and applies the data packet with the content for the dataset

  procedure GetDatasetPacket();


Builds a data packet representing the content in the buffered dataset

  procedure LoadFromStream();


Loads the dataset from the specified stream using the given data format

  procedure SaveToStream();


Saves the dataset to the specified stream using the given data format

  procedure LoadFromFile();


Loads the dataset from the specified file using the given format

  procedure SaveToFile();


Saves the dataset to the specified file using the given data format

  procedure CreateDataset;


Creates the dataset using its field definitions or bound fields

  procedure Clear;


Clears the content in the dataset

  function BookmarkValid(); override;


Determines if the specified Bookmark is valid for the dataset

  function CompareBookmarks(); override;


Gets the relative sort order for the specified Bookmarks

  procedure CopyFromDataset();


Loads field definitions and optional data from another dataset

  property ChangeCount: Integer; [r]


Number of pending changes for the dataset

  property MaxIndexesCount: Integer; [rw]


Maximum number of indexes available in the dataset

  property ReadOnly: Boolean; [rw]


Indicates if records can be added, deleted, or modified in the dataset

  property ManualMergeChangeLog: Boolean; [rw]


Indicates if the update change log can be manually merged


  property FileName: TFileName; [rw]


File name on the local file system used to load or store the dataset

  property PacketRecords: Integer; [rw]


Number of records allowed in a data packet handled by the packet reader

  property OnUpdateError: TResolverErrorEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled when an error occurs while updating records

  property IndexDefs: TIndexDefs; [r]


Index definitions for the dataset

  property IndexName: string; [rw]


Name of the selected index for the dataset

  property IndexFieldNames: string; [rw]


Field names included in the custom index

  property UniDirectional: Boolean; [rw]


Indicates if the dataset is for uni-directional navigation only





Dataset connected to a database.




Dataset connected to a database.




Base class for records-based data-access








TCustomBufDataset is a TDBDataset descendant that implements the ancestor class for a database-aware buffered dataset. TCustomBufDataset is an in-memory dataset that can be used as a local stand-alone dataset, or it can be used as a local buffer for updates applied to a remote dataset. TCustomBufDataset implements many features similar to those in TClientDataset in Delphi. However, it is not meant to be code or function compatible with TClientDataset. It is designed to provide management of the buffers used to access record data, and is used as the ancestor for classes like TSQLQuery and TRESTBufDataset.

As a TDBDataset descendant, it offers access to many of the database features supported in the FCL DB package. As a TDataset descendant, it also offers access to familiar navigation and data handling methods in the ancestor class. TCustomBufDataset has features that allow local storage and retrieval of field definitions and record data. In addition, facilities are provided that allow local indexing of record data in the dataset. There is a comprehensive parser/expression evaluator available that allows complete support for Filters in the dataset.

Do not create instances of TCustomBufDataset. Use the TBufDataset descendant instead.

Additional information about using TBufDataset can be found on the Lazarus Wiki at: How to write in-memory database applications in Lazarus/FPC (TBufDataset).

See also



Implements a database-aware buffered dataset



Dataset connected to a database.



Base class for records-based data-access

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