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Name of the selected index for the dataset


Source position: bufdataset.pas line 665

published property TCustomBufDataset.IndexName : string
  read GetIndexName
  write SetIndexName;


IndexName is a String property that contains the name for the selected index for the buffered dataset. The value in IndexName is read from the corresponding property in CurrentIndexBuf (when assigned).

If an empty string ('') is assigned to the property, the the default index is selected for the dataset and the property is updated to 'DEFAULT_ORDER'. Any other value assigned to the property is compared to the index definitions for the dataset. If an index cannot be located with the specified name, a Database exception is raised. The index with the specified name (and its storage mechanism) are stored in the CurrentIndexDef and CurrentIndexBuf properties. If the dataset is Active, the Resync method is called to enable the new record order for the dataset.

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