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Maximum number of indexes available in the dataset


Source position: bufdataset.pas line 657

public property TCustomBufDataset.MaxIndexesCount : Integer
  read FMaxIndexesCount
  write SetMaxIndexesCount
  default 2;


MaxIndexesCount is an Integer property which indicates the maximum number of indexes available in the buffered dataset. The default value for the property is 2; representing the automatically created default index ('DEFAULT_ORDER') and custom index ('CUSTOM_ORDER').

The value in MaxIndexesCount is assigned when the dataset is created, and updated when an index is added using the AddIndex method. Setting the value in the MaxIndexesCount property requires the dataset to be inactive (Active property contains False). An exception is raised if the dataset is Active, or the new value for the property is less than 2. You should not need to directly assign the value for the MaxIndexesCount property.

MaxIndexesCount is used in the BufferOffset method to determine the amount of space reserved for TBufRecLinkItem items in a record buffer for the dataset.

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