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Basic object that is managed by a TCollection class.


Source position: classesh.inc line 483

type TCollectionItem = class(TPersistent)


  constructor Create(); virtual;


Creates a new instance of this collection item.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys this collection item.

  function GetNamePath; override;


Returns the namepath of this collection item.

  property Collection: TCollection; [rw]


Pointer to the collection managing this item.

  property ID: Integer; [r]


Initial index of this item.

  property Index: Integer; [rw]


Index of the item in its managing collection TCollection.Items property.

  property DisplayName: string; [rw]


Name of the item, displayed in the object inspector.





Basic object that is managed by a TCollection class.




Base class for streaming system and persistent properties.




TCollectionItem and TCollection form a pair of base classes that manage a collection of named objects. The TCollectionItem is the named object that is managed, it represents one item in the collection. An item in the collection is represented by three properties: TCollectionItem.DisplayName, TCollection.Index and TCollectionItem.ID.

A TCollectionItem object is never created directly. To manage a set of named items, it is necessary to make a descendant of TCollectionItem to which needed properties and methods are added. This descendant can then be managed with a TCollection class. The managing collection will create and destroy it's items by itself, it should therefore never be necessary to create TCollectionItem descendants manually.

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Base class to manage collections of named objects.

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