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Base class to manage collections of named objects.


Source position: classesh.inc line 522

type TCollection = class(TPersistent)


  constructor Create();


Creates a new collection.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys the collection and frees all the objects it manages.

  function Owner;


Owner of the collection.

  function Add;


Creates and adds a new item to the collection.

  procedure Assign(); override;


Assigns one collection to another.

  procedure BeginUpdate; virtual;


Start an update batch.

  procedure Clear;


Removes all items from the collection.

  procedure EndUpdate; virtual;


Ends an update batch.

  procedure Delete();


Delete an item from the collection.

  function GetEnumerator;


Create an IEnumerator instance

  function GetNamePath; override;


Overrides TPersistent.GetNamePath to return a proper pathname.

  function Insert();


Insert an item in the collection.

  function FindItemID();


Searches for an Item in the collection, based on its TCollectionItem.ID property.

  procedure Exchange();


Exchange 2 items in the collection

  procedure Move();

  procedure Sort();


Sort the items in the collection

  property Count: Integer; [r]


Number of items in the collection.

  property ItemClass: TCollectionItemClass; [r]


Class pointer for each item in the collection.

  property Items []: TCollectionItem; [rw]


Indexed array of items in the collection.





Base class to manage collections of named objects.




Base class for streaming system and persistent properties.




TCollection implements functionality to manage a collection of named objects. Each of these objects needs to be a descendant of the TCollectionItem class. Exactly which type of object is managed can be seen from the TCollection.ItemClass property.

Normally, no TCollection is created directly. Instead, a descendants of TCollection and TCollectionItem are created as a pair.

See also



Basic object that is managed by a TCollection class.

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