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Name of the item, displayed in the object inspector.


Source position: classesh.inc line 504

public property TCollectionItem.DisplayName : string
  read GetDisplayName
  write SetDisplayName;


DisplayName contains the name of this item as shown in the object inspector. For TCollectionItem this returns always the class name of the managing collection, followed by the index of the item.

TCollectionItem does not implement any functionality to store the DisplayName property. The property can be set, but this will have no effect other than that the managing collection is notified of a change. The actual displayname will remain unchanged. To store the DisplayName property,TCollectionItem descendants should override the TCollectionItem.SetDisplayName and TCollectionItem.GetDisplayName to add storage functionality.

See also



Index of the item in its managing collection TCollection.Items property.



Initial index of this item.



Returns the TCollectionItem.DisplayName of the collectionitem



Write method for the TCollectionItem.DisplayName property

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