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Basic list of memory blocks


Source position: fgl.pp line 46

type TFPSList = class(TObject)


  constructor Create();


Create a new instance of TFPSList

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroy the list instance.

  class function ItemIsManaged; virtual;

  function Add();


Add a new item to the list

  procedure Clear;


Clear the list

  procedure Delete();


Delete an item from the list

  procedure DeleteRange();


Delete a range of elements

  class procedure Error();


Raise an EListError exception.

  procedure Exchange();


Exchange two items in the list

  function Expand;


Expand the capacity of the list

  procedure Extract();


delete an element from the list

  function IndexOf();


Search an item in the list

  procedure Insert();


Insert a new item in the list.

  procedure Move();


Moves an item from one position in the list to another.

  procedure Assign();


Copy one list to another

  procedure AddList();


Adds the elements from another list

  function Remove();


Remove the item from the list

  procedure Pack;


Remove empty items from the list

  procedure Sort();


Sort the list

  property Capacity: Integer; [rw]


Current capacity of the list

  property Count: Integer; [rw]


Current element count

  property Items []: Pointer; default; [rw]


Items in the list

  property ItemSize: Integer; [r]


Size of the items in the list

  property List: PByte; [r]


Internal list pointer

  property First: Pointer; [rw]


Pointer to first non-empty item in the list

  property Last: Pointer; [rw]


Pointer to last non-empty item in the list





Basic list of memory blocks




Base class of all classes.


TFPSList can be seen as the generalized equivalent of the classes unit TFPList list. It is used as a base class for the TFPGList, TFPGMap, TFPGObjectList, TFPGInterfacedObjectList and TFPGMapInterfacedObjectData generic classes.

This list is not meant to be used directly, it is an auxiliary class for the actual generic list classes.

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