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Generic map


Source position: fgl.pp line 294

type generic TFPGMap <TKey,TData>= class(TFPSMap)


  constructor Create;


Create a new instance of the map

  function Add();


Add a key and value to the map

  function Find();


Find item based on key

  function TryGetData();


Find data or return default

  procedure AddOrSetData();


Add data with given or set value if the key already exists.

  function IndexOf();


Find index of a key in the list.

  function IndexOfData();


Find index of data value in the list.

  procedure InsertKey();


Insert a new key in the list

  procedure InsertKeyData();


Insert a new key with associated data in the list

  function Remove();


Remove a key from the list

  property Keys []: TKey; [rw]


Indexed access to the keys in the list.

  property Data []: TData; [rw]


Indexed access to the data in the list

  property KeyData []: TData; default; [rw]


Access to data based on key

  property OnCompare: TKeyCompareFunc; [rw]


Alias for OnKeyCompare

  property OnKeyCompare: TKeyCompareFunc; [rw]


Compare function for key values.

  property OnDataCompare: TDataCompareFunc; [rw]


Compare function for data values.





Generic map




Basic map object, used in generic maps




Basic list of memory blocks




Base class of all classes.


TFPGMap is a generic map class. It can be used to specialize a map for any key type and data type that do not require manual reference counting: For reference counted interface objects, TFPGMapInterfacedObjectData must be used.

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Generic map for reference counted objects

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