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Easy CGI class


Source position: ezcgi.pp line 28

type TEZcgi = class(TObject)


  constructor Create;


Creates a new instance of the TEZCGI component

  destructor Destroy; override;


Removes the TEZCGI component from memory

  procedure Run;


Run the CGI application.

  procedure WriteContent();


Writes the content type to standard output

  procedure PutLine();


Send a line of output to the web-client

  function GetValue();


Return the value of a request variable.

  procedure DoPost; virtual;


Method to handle POST requests

  procedure DoGet; virtual;


Method to handle GET requests

  property Values []: string; [r]


Variables passed to the CGI script

  property Names []: string; [r]


Indexed array with available variable names.

  property Variables []: string; [r]


Indexed array with variables as name=value pairs.

  property VariableCount: Integer; [r]


Number of available variables.

  property Name: string; [rw]


Name of the server administrator

  property Email: string; [rw]


Email of the server administrator





Easy CGI class




TEZcgi implements all functionality to analyze the CGI environment and query the variables present in it. It's main use is the exposed variables.

Programs wishing to use this class should make a descendent class of this class and override the DoPost or DoGet methods. To run the program, an instance of this class must be created, and it's Run method should be invoked. This will analyze the environment and call the DoPost or DoGet method, depending on what HTTP method was used to invoke the program.

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