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Implements a data packet reader for TBufDataset


Source position: bufdataset.pas line 359

type TDataPacketReader = class(TObject)

  FDataSet: TCustomBufDataset;

  FStream: TStream;


  constructor Create(); virtual;


Constructor for the class instance

  procedure LoadFieldDefs(); virtual; abstract;


Loads the field definitions for the dataset from a stream

  procedure InitLoadRecords; virtual; abstract;


Called before the records are loaded

  function GetCurrentRecord; virtual; abstract;


Returns True if there is at least one more record available in the stream

  function GetRecordRowState(); virtual; abstract;


Returns the RowState of the current record, and the order of the update

  procedure RestoreRecord; virtual; abstract;


Restores a record from the stream into the current record buffer

  procedure GotoNextRecord; virtual; abstract;


Moves to the next record in the stream

  procedure StoreFieldDefs(); virtual; abstract;


Saves field definitions to a stream

  procedure StoreRecord(); virtual; abstract;


Saves the current record buffer to the stream

  procedure FinalizeStoreRecords; virtual; abstract;


Called after all records are stored

  class function RecognizeStream(); virtual; abstract;


Checks if the provided stream is of the right format for this class





Implements a data packet reader for TBufDataset




TDataPacketReader is a TObject descendant which implements a data packet reader for TBufDataset. TDataPacketReader is a concept borrowed from TClientDatset in Delphi. Data packets are used to access the values in its dataset. Data packets can contain field definitions or record data. Data packets can store their values in binary format or as an XML document.

TDataPacketReader provides properties and methods that allow access to the field definitions, field values, and row states for record buffers in its dataset. Methods are provided to load and save field definitions or record data using a stream. Methods are provided to recognize the storage format for the data packets in the stream.

Many of the methods in TDataPacketReader are declared as virtual or abstract. They are implemented in descendent classes that use a specific data packet format, such as TFpcBinaryDatapacketReader or TXMLDatapacketReader (in xmldatapacketreader.pp).

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Implements a data packet reader using binary data packets


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