6.4.2 The File menu

The ”File” menu contains all menu items that allow the user to load and save files, as well as to exit the IDE.

Opens a new, empty editor window.
New from template
Prompts for a template to be used, asks to fill in any parameters, and then starts a new editor window with the template.
(F3) Presents a file selection dialog, and opens the selected file in a new editor window.
print the contents of the current edit window.
Print setup
set up the printer properties.
Reload a file from disk.
(F2) Saves the contents of the current edit window with the current filename. If the current edit window does not yet have a filename, a dialog is presented to enter a new filename.
Save as
Presents a dialog in which a filename can be entered. The current window’s contents are then saved to this new filename, and the filename is stored for further save actions.
Save all
Saves the contents of all edit windows.
Change dir
Presents a dialog in which a directory can be selected. The current working directory is then changed to the selected directory.
Command shell
Executes a command shell. After the shell is exited, the IDE resumes. Which command shell is executed depends on the system.
(ALT-X) Exits the IDE. If any unsaved files are in the editor, the IDE will ask if these files should be saved.

Under the ”Exit” menu appear some filenames of recently used files. These entries can be used to quickly reload these files in the editor.