6.4.1 Accessing the menu

The menu can be accessed in a number of ways:

By using the mouse to select items. The mouse cursor should be located over the desired menu item, and a left mouse click will then select it.
By pressing F10. This will switch the IDE focus to the menu. The arrow keys can then be used to navigate in the menu. The Enter key should be used to select items.
To access menu items directly, Alt-<highlighted menu letter> can be used to select a menu item. Afterwards submenu entries can be selected by pressing the highlighted letter, but without Alt. E.g. Alt-S G is a fast way to display the goto line dialog.

Every menu item is explained by a short text in the status bar.

When a local menu is available, it can be accessed by pressing the right mouse button or Alt-F10.

To exit any menu without taking any action, press the ESC key twice.

In the following, all menu entries and their actions are described.