Free Pascal is a 32, 64 and 16 bit professional Pascal compiler. It can target multiple processor architectures: Intel x86, AMD64/x86-64, PowerPC, PowerPC64, SPARC, and ARM. Supported operating systems include Linux, FreeBSD, Haiku, Mac OS X/iOS/Darwin, DOS, Win32, Win64, WinCE, OS/2, MorphOS, Nintendo GBA, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii. Additionally, support for the JVM, MIPS (big and little endian variants), i8086, Motorola 68k and AArch64 architectures is available in the development versions.

Latest News

August 25th, 2015

FPC 3.0.0-rc1 has been released!

You can help improve the upcoming 3.0.0 release by downloading and testing this release candidate. If you want, you can report what you have done on the wiki, but first you may want to check the known issues. Next, we have the traditional lists of new features and of changes that may break backward compatibility. Finally, you can also preview the FPC 3.0.0 documentation.

Downloads are available at:

May 29th, 2015

Support for the Linux/AArch64 platform is now also available in svn trunk, thanks to patches provided by Edmund Grimley Evans.

February 24th, 2015

Support for the iOS/AArch64 platform has been added to svn trunk. More information can be found in the announcement posted to the fpc-devel mailing list.

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Current Version

Version 2.6.4 is the latest stable version the Free Pascal. Hit the download link and select a mirror close to you to download your copy. The development releases have version numbers 2.7.x. See the development page how to obtain the latest sources and support development.


The language syntax has excellent compatibility with TP 7.0 as well as with most versions of Delphi (classes, rtti, exceptions, ansistrings, widestrings, interfaces). A Mac Pascal mode, largely compatible with Think Pascal and MetroWerks Pascal, is also available. Furthermore Free Pascal supports function overloading, operator overloading, global properties and several other extra features.


x86 architecture:
For the 80x86 version at least a 386 processor is required, but a 486 is recommended. The Mac OS X version requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, with the developer tools installed.
PowerPC architecture:
Any PowerPC processor will do. 16 MB of RAM is required. The Mac OS classic version is expected to work System 7.5.3 and later. The Mac OS X version requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later (can compile for 10.2.8 or later), with the developer tools installed. On other operating systems Free Pascal runs on any system that can run the operating system.
ARM architecture
16 MB of RAM is required. Runs on any ARM Linux installation.
Sparc architecture
16 MB of RAM is required. Runs on any Sparc Linux installation (solaris is experimental).


The packages and runtime library come under a modified Library GNU Public License to allow the use of static libraries when creating applications. The compiler source itself comes under the GNU General Public License. The sources for both the compiler and runtime library are available; the complete compiler is written in Pascal.