PPUDUMP - Free pascal unit dump program

What follows below is the contents of the manual page of ppudump. If you have installed the man pages then you can view them with the man command.

ppudump(1)        Free Pascal Unit dump utility        ppudump(1)

       ppudump - The FPC Pascal unit dump program.

       ppudump [-h] [-v[h|i|m|d|s|b|a]] ppu-file1 ppufile2 ...

       ppudump  writes the contents of a Free Pascal unit file to
       standard output.  It gives a listing of all definitions in
       the unit file. The format of the listing can be controlled
       by the options.

       You can invoke ppudump with as arguments the names of  the
       units that you want to dump. You need not specify a exten-
       sion, by default .ppu is assumed. The output goes to stan-
       dard output.

       ppudump has only two options:

       -h     shows a short help screen.

       -vxxx  Controls  the level of verbosity.  xxx is  any com-
              bination of the following letters:

              a      Shows all  information  stored  in  the  PPU

              b      Shows  the  browser  information  in the PPU
                     file (if present).

              d      Shows the definitions in the PPU file.

              h      Shows the  header  information  in  the  PPU

              i      Shows  only interface information, implemen-
                     tation information is not shown.

              m      Shows   only   implementation   information,
                     interface interface is not shown.

              s      Shows the symbols stored in the PPU file.

              ppc386(1) ppumove(1)

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