If you want to mirror our site, please contact us to let us know about it. How to mirror depends on whether you want to mirror the web site or the FTP site. Setting up a mirror is not a very hard job, and can be done within an hour.

Using the mirror account

Since the FTP site restricts the number of simultaneous connections, we've set up a mirror account which can be used by mirrors, so they are not counted in the anonymous users count. If you want to mirror our site and want use to the mirror account, mail us to obtain the password for the mirroring account.

Some help to get you going

Below are some quick tips for setting up a mirror. Probably you need more information; but as this depends on your computer, operating system and other factors, we recommend you to send us an email, so we can help you.

Mirroring the WWW pages

To mirror the WWW pages there are 3 possibilities;
  1. Use some script to get all the pages one by one; there are many on the net that do this.
  2. Get the file htmls.tar.gz from our ftp site. It contains the complete web-site in tar.gz format.
  3. Use svn. By doing anonymous svn you can receive the html pages directly from our svn repository. You need repository html.
The URL's are relative, so you should be able to set it up under any directory tree (with the exception of the images, maybe).

Mirroring the FTP site

Mirroring the FTP site can be done using:
  1. the mirror perl script. There is also a configuration file for the mirror script with a description for mirroring our site.
  2. rsync, is offering rsync services both as a normal rsync server and as a Push server. Push mirroring minimalizes the time it takes for changed to propagate to mirrors by signaling immediately after has been updated. It uses a ssh-trigger to signal the mirrors to execute the mirrorscript, for details see this page at For using rsync you will need the following need the following files:
    1. ftpsync,the rsync script.
    2. ftpsync.conf,the configfile for the rsync script.
    3.,the public key needed if you want your mirror to be pushed.
    The ftpsync files have to reside in the homedir of the user that will rsync, preferably an ordinary user. If you want your mirrorsite to be push mirrored, you will have to add the key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in order to be pushed. After you have setup everything mail us, so we can add you to the push-list. Your e-mail has to include the user that will be used for push-mirroring!

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