Online documentation

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The following documents are online available:

PDF HTML User's guide
PDF HTML Programmer's guide
PDF HTML Language reference guide
PDF HTML Run-Time Library (RTL) units reference manual
PDF HTML Free Component Library (FCL) units reference manual
PDF HTML Free Component Library (FCL) Resource units reference manual
PDF HTML fpdoc documentation tool reference manual
PDF N/A Reference chart with all compiler options and switches (PDF only)

You can also search the documentation.

You can also download the documentation in some alternative formats. See the Download page.

The above is the documentation of the latest released version of Free Pascal. The documentation is also generated daily based on the current status of the source repositories. You can find that documentation here.

The Free pascal 2.2 manuals have been translated to German by C&L, and can be purchased from the C&L website. Updated!

User contributed documentation

The following user contributed documents are available:

class chart in PDF format(Thanks to Tiziano!) PDF -

More information

Additional information, user contributed documentation and links can be found on the More Information page.