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Virtual method table layout


Source position: objpash.inc line 101

type TVmt = record


  vInstanceSize: SizeInt;


Class instance size

  vInstanceSize2: SizeInt;


Duplicate of class instance size (should equal -vInstanceSize)

  vParentRef: PPVmt;


Parent reference

  vClassName: PShortString;


Pointer to shortstring with classname

  vDynamicTable: Pointer;


Pointer to table with dynamic methods.

  vMethodTable: Pointer;


Pointer to table with virtual methods.

  vFieldTable: Pointer;


Pointer to table with field information

  vTypeInfo: Pointer;


Pointer to class type info record.

  vInitTable: Pointer;


Pointer to initialization information

  vAutoTable: Pointer;


Pointer to Automation interfaces table

  vIntfTable: pinterfacetable;


Pointer to interfaces table

  vMsgStrPtr: pstringmessagetable;


Pointer to string message dispatch table

  vDestroy: CodePointer;


Pointer to destructor

  vNewInstance: CodePointer;


Pointer to NewInstance method

  vFreeInstance: CodePointer;


Pointer to FreeInstance method

  vSafeCallException: CodePointer;



  vDefaultHandler: CodePointer;


Pointer to default message handler

  vAfterConstruction: CodePointer;


Pointer to afterconstruction method.

  vBeforeDestruction: CodePointer;


Pointer to beforeconstruction method.

  vDefaultHandlerStr: CodePointer;


Pointer to default string message handler

  vDispatch: CodePointer;


Dispatch method pointer

  vDispatchStr: CodePointer;


DispatchStr method pointer

  vEquals: CodePointer;


Equals method pointer

  vGetHashCode: CodePointer;


GetHashCode method pointer

  vToString: CodePointer;


ToString method pointer

  property vParent: PVmt; [r]


Pointer to parent VMT



TVMT is a record describing the VMT of a class. It's various fields represent the available information in the VMT, as far as it is common to all classes.

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Pointer to TVMT record

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