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File handling functions

Functions concerning input and output from and to file.

Name Description
Append Open a file in append mode
Assign Assign a name to a file
Blockread Read data from a file into memory
Blockwrite Write data from memory to a file
Close Close a file
Eof Check for end of file
Eoln Check for end of line
Erase Delete file from disk
Filepos Position in file
Filesize Size of file
Flush Write file buffers to disk
IOresult Return result of last file IO operation
Read Read from file into variable
Readln Read from file into variable and goto next line
Rename Rename file on disk
Reset Open file for reading
Rewrite Open file for writing
Seek Set file position
SeekEof Set file position to end of file
SeekEoln Set file position to end of line
SetTextBuf Set size of file buffer
Truncate Truncate the file at position
Write Write variable to file
WriteLn Write variable to file and append newline

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