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Size of file


Source position: systemh.inc line 1289

function FileSize(

  var f: file



Filesize returns the total number of records in file F. It cannot be invoked with a file of type Text. (under Linux and Unix, this also means that it cannot be invoked on pipes). If F is empty, 0 is returned. Untyped files have a default record size of 128, if the second parameter to Reset isn't specified.

Note that the file must be open for this function to return a result.


Depending on the state of the {$I} switch, a runtime error can be generated if there is an error. In the {$I-} state, use IOResult to check for errors.

See also



Get position in file


Program Example24;

{ Program to demonstrate the FileSize function. }

Var F : File Of byte;
    L : File Of Longint;

  Assign (F,paramstr(1));
  Reset (F);
  Writeln ('File size in bytes : ',FileSize(F));
  Close (F);
  Assign (L,paramstr (1));
  Reset (L);
  Writeln ('File size in Longints : ',FileSize(L));
  Close (f);

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