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DOS file stream


Source position: objects.pp line 319

type TDosStream = object(TStream)

  Handle: THandle;


OS file handle for stream

  FName: AsciiZ;


File name

  constructor Init();


Instantiate a new instance of TDosStream.

  destructor Done; virtual;


Closes the file and cleans up the instance.

  procedure Close; virtual;


Close the file.

  procedure Truncate; virtual;


Truncate the file on the current position.

  procedure Seek(); virtual;


Set file position.

  procedure Open(); virtual;


Open the file stream

  procedure Read(); virtual;


Read data from the stream to a buffer.

  procedure Write(); virtual;


Write data from a buffer to the stream.





DOS file stream



Base stream class



Basis of all objects


TDosStream is a stream that stores it's contents in a file. it overrides a couple of methods of TStream for this.

In addition to the fields inherited from TStream (see TStream), there are some extra fields, that describe the file. (mainly the name and the OS file handle)

No buffering in memory is done when using TDosStream. All data are written directly to the file. For a stream that buffers in memory, see TBufStream.

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