D.2 TP mode

This mode is selected by the $MODE TP switch. It tries to emulate, as closely as possible, the behavior of Turbo Pascal 7. On the command line, this mode is selected by the -Mtp switch.

  1. Enumeration sizes default to a storage size of 1 byte if there are less than 257 elements.
  2. You cannot use the address operator to assign procedural variables.
  3. A forward declaration does not have to be repeated exactly the same by the implementation of a function/procedure. In particular, you can omit the parameters when implementing the function or procedure.
  4. Overloading of functions is not allowed.
  5. The Objpas unit is NOT loaded.
  6. Nested comments are not allowed.
  7. You cannot use the cvar type.
  8. Strings are shortstrings by default.