11.1 Non processor specific

The following sections describe the general optimizations done by the compiler, they are not processor specific. Some of these require some compiler switch override while others are done automatically (those which require a switch will be noted as such).

  11.1.1 Constant folding
  11.1.2 Constant merging
  11.1.3 Short cut evaluation
  11.1.4 Constant set inlining
  11.1.5 Small sets
  11.1.6 Range checking
  11.1.7 And instead of modulo
  11.1.8 Shifts instead of multiply or divide
  11.1.9 Automatic alignment
  11.1.10 Smart linking
  11.1.11 Inline routines
  11.1.12 Stack frame omission
  11.1.13 Register variables