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Source position: zipper.pp line 525

type TUnZipper = class(TObject)


  constructor Create;

  destructor Destroy; override;

  procedure UnZipAllFiles();


Unzips all files in a zip file, writing them to disk

  procedure UnZipFile();

  procedure UnZipFiles();


Unzips specified files

  class procedure Unzip();

  procedure Clear;


Removes all entries and files from object

  procedure Examine;


Opens zip file and reads the directory entries (list of zipped files)

  procedure Terminate;

  property BufferSize: LongWord; [rw]

  property OnOpenInputStream: TCustomInputStreamEvent; [rw]

  property OnCloseInputStream: TCustomInputStreamEvent; [rw]

  property OnCreateStream: TOnCustomStreamEvent; [rw]

  property OnDoneStream: TOnCustomStreamEvent; [rw]

  property OnPercent: Integer; [rw]

  property OnProgress: TProgressEvent; [rw]

  property OnProgressEx: TProgressEventEx; [rw]

  property OnStartFile: TOnStartFileEvent; [rw]


Callback procedure that will be called before unzipping a file

  property OnEndFile: TOnEndOfFileEvent; [rw]


Callback procedure that will be called after unzipping a file

  property FileName: RawByteString; [rw]


Zip file to be unzipped/processed

  property OutputPath: RawByteString; [rw]


Path where archive files will be unzipped

  property FileComment: string; [r]

  property Files: TStrings; [r]


Files in zip file (deprecated)

  property Entries: TFullZipFileEntries; [r]

  property UseUTF8: Boolean; [rw]

  property Flat: Boolean; [rw]

  property Terminated: Boolean; [r]






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