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Simple IPC server component


Source position: simpleipc.pp line 135

type TSimpleIPCServer = class(TSimpleIPC)


  constructor Create(); override;


Create a new instance of TSimpleIPCServer

  destructor Destroy; override;


Remove the TSimpleIPCServer instance from memory

  procedure StartServer();


Start the server

  procedure StopServer;


Stop the server

  function PeekMessage();


Check if a client message is available.

  function ReadMessage;


Read message from the queue

  property StringMessage: string; [r]


Last message as a string.

  procedure GetMessageData();


Read the data of the last message in a stream

  property Message: TIPCServerMsg; [r]


Last read message

  property MsgType: TMessageType; [r]


Last message type

  property MsgData: TStream; [r]


Last message data

  property InstanceID: string; [r]


Instance ID

  property ThreadExecuting: Boolean; [r]


Is the message thread currently executing ?

  property ThreadError: string; [r]


Last thread error


  property Global: Boolean; [rw]


Is the server reachable to all users or not

  property OnMessage: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event triggered when a message arrives

  property OnMessageQueued: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event called when a new message has arrived

  property OnMessageError: TMessageQueueEvent; [rw]


Event called when a new message has arrived, and the queue is full

  property OnThreadError: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Triggered when a thread reports an error

  property MaxQueue: Integer; [rw]


Maximum number of messages in the queue, 0 for unlimited

  property MaxAction: TIPCMessageOverflowAction; [rw]


Action to take when the number of messages will exceed MaxQueue.

  property Threaded: Boolean; [rw]


Is the server running threaded or not ?

  property ThreadTimeout: Integer; [rw]


Timeout waiting for message

  property SynchronizeEvents: Boolean; [rw]


Should events be run in the main thread ?





Simple IPC server component




Ancestor for client/server simple IPC classes








TSimpleIPCServer is the server side of the simple IPC communication protocol. The server program should create a TSimpleIPCServer instance, set its ServerID property to a unique name for the system, and then set the Active property to True (or call StartServer).

After the server was started, it can check for availability of messages with the PeekMessage call, and read the message with ReadMessage.

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