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Property storage mechanism


Source position: rttiutils.pp line 68

type TPropsStorage = class(TObject)


  procedure StoreAnyProperty();


Store a property value

  procedure LoadAnyProperty();


Load a property value

  procedure StoreProperties();


Store a list of properties

  procedure LoadProperties();


Load a list of properties

  procedure LoadObjectsProps();


Load a list of component properties

  procedure StoreObjectsProps();


Store a list of component properties

  property Options: TPropStorageOptions; [rw]


Options to take into account when saving or loading properties from the storage

  property AObject: TObject; [rw]


Object to load or store properties from

  property Prefix: string; [rw]


Prefix to use in storage

  property Section: string; [rw]


Section name for storage

  property OnReadString: TReadStrEvent; [rw]


Read a string value from storage

  property OnWriteString: TWriteStrEvent; [rw]


Write a string value to storage

  property OnEraseSection: TEraseSectEvent; [rw]


Erase a section in storage





Property storage mechanism




TPropsStorage provides a mechanism to store properties from any class which has published properties (usually a TPersistent descendent) in a storage mechanism.

TPropsStorage does not handle the storage by itself, instead, the storage is handled through a series of callbacks to read and/or write strings. Conversion of property types to string is handled by TPropsStorage itself: all that needs to be done is set the 3 handlers. The storage mechanism is assumed to have the structure of an .ini file : sections with key/value pairs. The three callbacks should take this into account, but they do not need to create an actual .ini file.

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