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Options to be used when a process is started.


Source position: process.pp line 25

type TProcessOption = (



Start the process in suspended state.



Wait for the process to terminate before returning.



Use pipes to redirect standard input and output.



Redirect standard error to the standard output stream.



Do not allow access to the console window for the process (Win32 only)



Start a new console window for the process (Win32 only)



Use default error handling.



Start the process in a new process group (Win32 only)



Allow debugging of the process (Win32 only)



Do not follow processes started by this process (Win32 only)



Runs a process using the DETACHED_PROCESS creation flag on Windows



Pass standard input handle on to new process



Signals an event handler to wait for output in the run loop for a process.



When a new process is started using TProcess.Execute, these options control the way the process is started. Note that not all options are supported on all platforms.

See also



Set of TProcessOption.



Description of the main window of the new process.

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