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Class to write tar archives


Source position: libtar.pp line 181

type TTarWriter = class


  constructor Create();


Create a new archive

  destructor Destroy; override;


Close archive and clean up TTarWriter

  procedure AddFile();


Add a file to the archive

  procedure AddStream();


Add stream contents to archive.

  procedure AddString();


Add string as file data

  procedure AddDir();


Add directory to archive

  procedure AddSymbolicLink();


Add a symbolic link to the archive

  procedure AddLink();


Add hard link to archive

  procedure AddVolumeHeader();


Add volume header entry

  procedure Finalize;


Finalize the archive

  property Permissions: TTarPermissions; [rw]


Archive entry permissions

  property UID: Integer; [rw]


Archive entry user ID

  property GID: Integer; [rw]


Archive entry group ID

  property UserName: AnsiString; [rw]


Archive entry user name

  property GroupName: AnsiString; [rw]


Archive entry group name

  property Mode: TTarModes; [rw]


Archive entry mode

  property Magic: AnsiString; [rw]


Archive entry Magic constant





Class to write tar archives




TTarWriter can be used to create .tar archives. It can be created using a filename, in which case the archive will be written to the filename, or it can be created using a stream, in which case the archive will be written to the stream - for instance a compression stream.

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