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Abstract ini file object


Source position: inifiles.pp line 152

type TCustomIniFile = class


  FormatSettings: TFormatSettings;


Format settings to use when reading date/time/float values

  constructor Create();


Instantiate a new instance of TCustomIniFile.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Remove the TCustomIniFile instance from memory

  procedure SetBoolStringValues();


Set the boolean string values to use when writing to file

  function SectionExists(); virtual;


Check if a section exists.

  function ReadString(); virtual; abstract;


Read a string valued key

  procedure WriteString(); virtual; abstract;


Write a string value

  function ReadInteger(); virtual;


Read an integer value from the file

  procedure WriteInteger(); virtual;


Write an integer value

  function ReadInt64(); virtual;


Read an Int64 value

  procedure WriteInt64(); virtual;


Write an Int64 value.

  function ReadBool(); virtual;


  procedure WriteBool(); virtual;


Write boolean value

  function ReadDate(); virtual;


Read a date value

  function ReadDateTime(); virtual;


Read a Date/Time value

  function ReadFloat(); virtual;


Read a floating point value

  function ReadTime(); virtual;


Read a time value

  function ReadBinaryStream(); virtual;


Read binary data

  procedure WriteDate(); virtual;


Write date value

  procedure WriteDateTime(); virtual;


Write date/time value

  procedure WriteFloat(); virtual;


Write a floating-point value

  procedure WriteTime(); virtual;


Write time value

  procedure WriteBinaryStream(); virtual;


Write binary data

  procedure ReadSection(); virtual; abstract;


Read the key names in a section

  procedure ReadSections(); virtual; abstract;


Read the list of sections

  procedure ReadSectionValues();


Read names and values of a section

  procedure EraseSection(); virtual; abstract;


Clear a section

  procedure DeleteKey(); virtual; abstract;


Delete a key from a section

  procedure UpdateFile; virtual; abstract;


Update the file on disk

  function ValueExists(); virtual;


Check if a value exists

  property Encoding: TEncoding; [rw]


Encoding of the ini file.

  property FileName: string; [r]


Name of the .ini file

  property Options: TIniFileOptions; [rw]


Options currently in effect

  property EscapeLineFeeds: Boolean; [r] deprecated ;


Should linefeeds be escaped ?

  property CaseSensitive: Boolean; [rw] deprecated ;


Are key and section names case sensitive

  property StripQuotes: Boolean; [rw] deprecated ;


Should quotes be stripped from string values

  property FormatSettingsActive: Boolean; [rw] deprecated ;


Is FormatSettings used or not

  property BoolTrueStrings: TStringArray; [rw]


Strings to recognize as boolean True values.

  property BoolFalseStrings: TStringArray; [rw]


Strings to recognize as boolean False values.

  property OwnsEncoding: Boolean; [r]


Does the ini file instance own the encoding ?





Abstract ini file object




TCustomIniFile implements all calls for manipulating a .ini. It does not implement any of this behaviour, the behaviour must be implemented in a descendent class like TIniFile or TMemIniFile.

Since TCustomIniFile is an abstract class, it should never be created directly. Instead, one of the TIniFile or TMemIniFile classes should be created.

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