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Interface for Provider support


Source position: db.pas line 1407

type IProviderSupport = interface

  procedure PSEndTransaction();


End an active transaction

  procedure PSExecute;


Execute the current command-text.

  function PSExecuteStatement();


Execute a SQL statement.

  procedure PSGetAttributes();


Get a list of attributes (metadata)

  function PSGetCommandText;


Return the SQL command executed for getting data.

  function PSGetCommandType;


Return SQL command type

  function PSGetDefaultOrder;


Default order index definition

  function PSGetIndexDefs();


Return a list of index definitions

  function PSGetKeyFields;


Return a list of key fields in the dataset

  function PSGetParams;


Get the parameters in the commandtext

  function PSGetQuoteChar;


Quote character for quoted strings

  function PSGetTableName;


Name of database table which must be updated

  function PSGetUpdateException();


Transform exception to UpdateError

  function PSInTransaction;


Is the dataset in an active transaction.

  function PSIsSQLBased;


Is the dataset SQL based

  function PSIsSQLSupported;


Can the dataset support SQL statements

  procedure PSReset;


Position the dataset on the first record

  procedure PSSetCommandText();


Set the command-text of the dataset

  procedure PSSetParams();


Set the parameters for the command text

  procedure PSStartTransaction;


Start a new transaction

  function PSUpdateRecord();


Update a record





Interface for Provider support


IProviderSupport is an interface used by Delphi's TProvider (datasnap) technology. It is currently not used in Free Pascal, but is provided for Delphi compatibility. The TDataset class implements all the methods of this interface for the benefit of descendent classes, but does not publish the interface in it's declaration.

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