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Default field classes to use when creating a new TField instance.


Source position: db.pas line 2189

const DefaultFieldClasses: array [TFieldType] of TFieldClass = (Tfield, TStringField, TSmallIntField, TLongintField, TWordField, TBooleanField, TFloatField, TCurrencyField, TBCDField, TDateField, TTimeField, TDateTimeField, TBytesField, TVarBytesField, TAutoIncField, TBlobField, TMemoField, TGraphicField, TBlobField, TBlobField, TBlobField, TBlobField, Nil, TStringField, TWideStringField, TLargeIntField, Nil, Nil, Nil, Nil, TBlobField, TMemoField, TVariantField, Nil, Nil, TGuidField, Nil, TFMTBCDField, TWideStringField, TWideMemoField);


DefaultFieldClasses contains the TField descendent class to use when a TDataset instance needs to create fields based on the TFieldDefs field definitions when opening the dataset. The entries can be set to create customized TField descendents for certain field datatypes in all datasets.

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