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Field data type description


Source position: db.pas line 106

type TFieldType = (



Unknown data type



String data value (ansistring)



Small integer value(1 byte, signed)



Regular integer value (4 bytes, signed)



Word-sized value(2 bytes, unsigned)



Boolean value



Floating point value (double)



Currency value (4 decimal points)



Binary Coded Decimal value (DECIMAL and NUMERIC SQL types)



Date value



Time value



Date/Time (timestamp) value



Array of bytes value, fixed size (unytped)



Array of bytes value, variable size (untyped)



Auto-increment integer value (4 bytes)



Binary data value (no type, no size)



Binary text data (no size)



Graphical data value (no size)



Formatted memo data value (no size)



Paradox OLE field data (no size)



Paradox OLE field data



Binary typed data (no size)



Cursor data value (no size)



Fixed character array (string)



Widestring (2 bytes per character)



Large integer value (8-byte)



ADT value



Array data



Reference data



Dataset data (blob)



Oracle BLOB data



Oracle CLOB data



Variant data value



interface data value



Dispatch data value



GUID data value



Timestamp data value



Formatted BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) value.



Fixed wide character date (2 bytes per character)



Widestring memo data



TFieldType indicates the type of a TField underlying data, in the DataType property.

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