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Hash list class for pointer data


Source position: contnrs.pp line 212

type TFPHashList = class(TObject)


  constructor Create;


Create a new instance of the hashlist

  destructor Destroy; override;


Removes an instance of the hashlist from the heap

  function Add();


Add a new key/data pair to the list

  procedure Clear;


Clear the list

  function NameOfIndex();


Returns the key name of an item by index

  function HashOfIndex();


Return the hash valye of an item by index

  function GetNextCollision();


Get next collision number

  procedure Delete();


Delete an item from the list.

  class procedure Error();


Raise an error

  function Expand;


Expand the list

  function Extract();


Extract a pointer from the list

  function IndexOf();


Return the index of the data pointer

  function Find();


Find data associated with key

  function FindIndexOf();


Return index of named item.

  function FindWithHash();


Find first element with given name and hash value

  function Rename();


Rename a key

  function Remove();


Remove first instance of a pointer

  procedure Pack;


Remove nil pointers from the list

  procedure ShowStatistics;


Return some statistics for the list.

  procedure ForEachCall();


Call a procedure for each element in the list

  property Capacity: Integer; [rw]


Capacity of the list.

  property Count: Integer; [rw]


Current number of elements in the list.

  property Items []: Pointer; default; [rw]


Indexed array with pointers

  property List: PHashItemList; [r]


Low-level hash list

  property Strs: PChar; [r]


Low-level memory area with strings.





Hash list class for pointer data




TFPHashList implements a fast hash class. The class is built for speed, therefore the key values can be shortstrings only, and the data can only be non-nil pointers.

if a base class for an own hash class is wanted, the TFPCustomHashTable class can be used. If a hash class for objects is needed instead of pointers, the TFPHashObjectList class can be used.

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