8.4.1 Options

The output of h2pas can be controlled with the following options:

Use external; for all procedure and function declarations.
Use external libname name ’func_name’ for function and procedure declarations.
Emit a series of constants instead of an enumeration type for the C enum construct.
Create an include file instead of a unit (omits the unit header).
libname specify the library name for external function declarations.
outfile Specify the output file name. Default is the input file name with the extension replaced by .pp
Use the letter P in front of pointer type parameters instead of ˆ.
Strip comments from the input file. By default comments are converted to comments, but they may be displaced, since a comment is handled by the scanner.
Prepend typedef type names with the letter T (used to follow Borland’s convention that all types should be defined with T).
Replace pointer parameters with call by reference parameters. Use with care because some calls can expect a Nil pointer.
Header file is a win32 header file (adds support for some special macros).
Handle SYS_TRAP of the PalmOS header files.