6.12.1 Preferences

The preferences dialog is called by the menu item ”Options—Environment—Preferences”. The preferences dialog is shown in figure (6.33).

Figure 6.33: The preferences dialog


Video mode
The drop down list at the top of the dialog allows selecting a video mode. The available video modes depend on the system on which the IDE is running.


The video mode must be selected by pressing space or clicking on it. If the drop down list is opened while leaving the dialog, the new video mode will not be applied.
For the dos version of the IDE, the following should be noted: When using VESA modes, the display refresh rate may be very low. On older graphics card (1998 and before), it is possible to use the UniVBE driver from SciTech5
Desktop File
Specifies where the desktop file is saved: the current directory, or the directory where the config file was found.
Auto save
Here it is possible to set which files are saved when a program is run or when the IDE is exited:
Editor files
The contents of all open edit windows will be saved.
The current environment settings will be saved.
The desktop file with all desktop settings (open windows, history lists, breakpoints etc.) will be saved.
Some special behaviors of the IDE can be specified here:
Auto track source
Close on go to source
When checked, the messages window is closed when the ’go to source line’ action is executed.
Change dir on open
When a file is opened, the directory of that file is made the current working directory.

5It can be downloaded from http://www.informatik.fh-muenchen.de/ ifw98223/vbehz.htm