6.11.3 The target operating system

The menu item ”Compile—Target” allows specification of the target operating system for which the sources will be compiled. Changing the target doesn’t affect any compiler switches or directories. It does affect some defines defined by the compiler. The settings here correspond to the option on the command line -T (see page 115). A sample compilation target dialog is shown in figure (6.22): the actual dialog will show only those targets that the IDE actually supports.

Figure 6.22: The compilation target dialog


The following targets can be set (the list depends on the platform for which the IDE was compiled):

Dos (go32v1)
This switch will disappear in time as this target is no longer being maintained.
Dos (go32v2)
Compile for dos, using version 2 of the Go32 extender.
Compile for FreeBSD.
Compile for linux.
Compile for OS/2 (using the EMX extender).
Compile for Windows.

The currently selected target operating system is shown in the ”Target” menu item in the ”Compile” menu. Initially, this will be set to the operating system for which the IDE was compiled.