6.4.7 The Debug menu

The ”Debug” menu contains menu entries to aid in debugging a program, such as setting breakpoints and watches.

Show user program output in a window.
User screen
(Alt-F5) Switches to the screen as it was last left by the running program.
Add watch
(Ctrl-F7) Adds a watch. A watch is an expression that can be evaluated by the IDE and will be shown in a special window. Usually this is the content of some variable.
Shows the current list of watches in a separate window.
(Ctrl-F8) Sets a breakpoint at the current line. When debugging, program execution will stop at this breakpoint.
Breakpoint list
Shows the current list of breakpoints in a separate window.
Call stack
(Ctrl-F3) Shows the call stack. The call stack is the list of addresses (and filenames and line numbers, if this information was compiled in) of procedures that are currently being called by the running program.
Shows the call stack.
Shows the current content of the CPU registers.
Floating point unit
Shows the current content of the FPU registers.
Vector unit
Shows the current content of the MMX (or equivalent) registers.
GDB window
Shows the GDB debugger console. This can be used to interact with the debugger directly; here arbitrary GDB commands can be typed and the result will be shown in the window.