6.4.5 The Run menu

The ”Run” menu contains all entries related to running a program,

(Ctrl-F9) If the sources were modified, compiles the program. If the compile is successful, the program is executed. If the primary file was set, then that is used to determine which program to execute. See section 6.4.6, page 194 for more information on how to set the primary file.
Step over
(F8) Run the program until the next source line is reached. If any calls to procedures are made, these will be executed completely as well.
Trace into
(F7) Execute the current line. If the current line contains a call to another procedure, the process will stop at the entry point of the called procedure.
Goto cursor
(F4) Run the program until the execution point matches the line where the cursor is.
Until return
Runs the current procedure until it exits.
Run directory
Set the working directory to change to when executing the program.
Permits the entry of parameters that will be passed to the program when it is being executed.
Program reset
(Ctrl-F2) if the program is being run or debugged, the debug session is aborted, and the running program is killed.