6.2.2 Using the mouse

If the system is equipped with a mouse, it can be used to work with the IDE. The left button is used to select menu items, press buttons, select text blocks etc.

The right mouse button is used to access the local menu, if available. Holding down the Ctrl or Alt key and clicking the right button will execute user defined functions. See section 6.12.4, page 357.


Occasionally, the manual uses the term ”drag the mouse”. This means that the mouse is moved while the left mouse button is being pressed.
The action of mouse buttons may be reversed, i.e. the actions of the left mouse button can be assigned to the right mouse button and vice versa 2. Throughout the manual, it is assumed that the actions of the mouse buttons are not reversed.
The mouse is not always available, even if a mouse is installed:
On Windows, the console has an option ’Quick edit’, allowing text to be copied to the clipboard by selecting text in the console window. If this mode is enabled, the mouse will not work. The ’Quick edit’ option should be disabled in the console window’s properties in order for the IDE to receive mouse events.

2See section 6.12.4, page 357 for more information on how to reverse the actions of the mouse buttons.