6.1.2 IDE command line options

When starting the IDE, command line options can be passed:

fp [-option] [-option] ... <file name> ...

Option is one of the following switches (the option letters are case insensitive):

(dos only) Do not use long file names. Windows 95 and later versions of Windows provide an interface to DOS applications to access long file names. The IDE uses this interface by default to access files. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to problems. This switch tells the IDE not to use the long filenames.
Read IDE options from filename. There should be no whitespace between the file name and the -C.
Use alternative graphic characters. This can be used to run the IDE on linux in an X-term or through a telnet session.
After starting the IDE, change automatically to the directory which was active when the IDE exited the last time.
Disable the mouse. When this option is used, the use of a mouse is disabled, even if a mouse is present.
(linux/Unix only) Send program output to tty ttyname. This avoids having to continually switch between program output and the IDE.

The files given at the command line are loaded into edit windows automatically.

Remark Under DOS/Win32, the first character of a command line option can be a / character instead of a - character. So /S is equivalent to -S.