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Encoding support


Source position: sysencodingh.inc line 21

type TEncoding = class end;


  class procedure FreeEncodings;


Free all standard encodings

  function Clone; virtual;


Clone a TEncoding instance

  class function Convert();


Convert an array of bytes from one encoding to another

  class function IsStandardEncoding();


Check if the encoding is one of the standard encodings

  class function GetBufferEncoding();


Attempt to guess the encoding of a buffer

  class function GetEncoding();


Get an encoding instance for a given codepage.

  function GetMaxByteCount(); virtual; abstract;


Returns the maximum number of bytes needed to represent a string

  function GetMaxCharCount(); virtual; abstract;


Return the maximum number of characters that can be represented in a number of bytes

  function GetPreamble; virtual; abstract;


Return the BOM Marker used by the encoding

  function GetString();


Return a string based on an array of bytes

  property CodePage: Cardinal; [r]


Codepage for this encoding

  property EncodingName: UnicodeString; [r]


Name of this encoding

  property IsSingleByte: Boolean; [r]


Is the encoding a single-byte encoding or not ?

  property ANSI: TEncoding; [r]


Ansi encoding instance

  property ASCII: TEncoding; [r]


ASCII encoding instance

  property BigEndianUnicode: TEncoding; [r]


Big-endian Unicode (UTF16BE) encoding instance

  property Default: TEncoding; [r]


Default codepage

  property Unicode: TEncoding; [r]


UTF16 encoding instance

  property UTF7: TEncoding; [r]


UTF7 encoding instance

  property UTF8: TEncoding; [r]


UTF8 encoding instance




Encoding support




TEncoding is a mostly abstract class that contains various methods to deal with different encodings in single- and double-byte strings. In practice, one instance of a descendent of this class for each needed encoding can be instantiated and used. The class contains several class methods and properties to create such instances, and has several often-used instances available as class properties, in particular the default encoding.

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