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Resource file


Source position: objects.pp line 503

type TResourceFile = object(TObject) end;

  Stream: PStream;


Actual file stream

  Modified: Boolean;


Have resources changed ?

  constructor Init();


Instantiate a new instance.

  destructor Done; virtual;


Destroy the instance and remove it from memory.

  function Count;


Number of resources in the file

  function KeyAt();


Return the key of the item at a certain position.

  function Get();


Return a resource by key name.

  function SwitchTo();


Write resources to a new stream.

  procedure Flush;


Writes the resources to the stream.

  procedure Delete();


Delete a resource from the file

  procedure Put();


Set a resource by key name.




Resource file



Basis of all objects


TResourceFile represents the resources in a binary file image.

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