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Stream which keeps data in memory.


Source position: objects.pp line 370

type TMemoryStream = object(TStream) end;

  BlkCount: LongInt;


Number of allocated memory blocks

  BlkSize: Word;


Size of one memory block

  MemSize: LongInt;


Total memory size

  BlkList: PPointerArray;


Pointer to list of allocated blocks.

  constructor Init();


Initialize memory stream, reserves memory for stream data.

  destructor Done; virtual;


Clean up memory and destroy the object instance.

  procedure Truncate; virtual;


Set the stream size to the current position.

  procedure Read(); virtual;


Read data from the stream to a location in memory.

  procedure Write(); virtual;


Write data to the stream.




Stream which keeps data in memory.



Base stream class



Basis of all objects


The TMemoryStream object implements a stream that stores it's data in memory. The data is stored on the heap, with the possibility to specify the maximum amout of data, and the size of the memory blocks being used.

See also



Base stream class

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