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Implements IStream for TStream descendants


Source position: classesh.inc line 1056

type TStreamAdapter = class(TInterfacedObject, IStream) end;


  constructor Create();


Create a new instance of TStreamAdapter

  destructor Destroy; override;


Free the TStreamAdapter instance

  function Read(); virtual;


Read from the stream.

  function Write(); virtual;


Write to the stream

  function Seek(); virtual;


Set the stream position

  function SetSize(); virtual;


Set the stream size

  function CopyTo(); virtual;


Copy data to destination stream

  function Commit(); virtual;


Commit data to the stream

  function Revert; virtual;


Revert operations on the stream

  function LockRegion(); virtual;


Lock a region of the stream

  function UnlockRegion(); virtual;


Unlock a region of the stream

  function Stat(); virtual;


Return statistical data about the stream

  function Clone(); virtual;


Clone the stream

  property Stream: TStream; [r]


Stream on which adaptor works

  property StreamOwnership: TStreamOwnership; [rw]


Determines what happens with the stream when the adaptor is freed




Implements IStream for TStream descendants




TObject descendent implementing the IUnknown interface




Base class of all classes.

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