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Com automation Object interface


Source position: classesh.inc line 1732

type IVCLComObject = interface end;

  function GetTypeInfoCount();


The IDispatch:GetTypeInfoCount call for automation servers

  function GetTypeInfo();


The IDispatch:GetTypeInfo call for automation servers

  function GetIDsOfNames();


The IDispatch:GetIDsOfNames call for automation servers.

  function Invoke();


The IDispatch:Invoke call for automation servers.

  function SafeCallException();


This method can be invoked if an exception occurs during Invoke

  procedure FreeOnRelease;


Is called by TComponent.FreeOnRelease




Com automation Object interface


IVCLComObject is used by TComponent to implement the IUnknown interface used by COM automation servers. Partially, it is the translation to pascal of the IDispatch interface definition by Microsoft. If TComponent needs to return an IUnknown interface, it creates a IVCLComObject interface instead.

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