E.4.8 Requires

This section is used to indicate dependency on external packages (i.e units) or tools. The following keywords can be used:

Minimal version of fpcmake that this makefile.fpc needs.
Other packages that should be compiled before this package can be compiled. Note that this will also add all packages these packages depend on to the dependencies of this package. By default, the Free Pascal Run-Time Library is added to this list.
A boolean value that indicates whether this package needs the C library.
A boolean that prevents the addition of the Free Pascal Run-Time Library to the required packages.
These directories will be added to the units search path of the compiler.
List of package directories. The packages in these directories will be made as well before making the current package.
A list of executables of extra tools that are required. The full path to these tools will be defined in the makefile as a variable with the same name as the tool name, only in uppercase. For example, the following definition:

will lead to the definition of a variable with the name UPX which will contain the full path to the upx executable.