E.7 Variables set by fpcmake

The makefile generated by fpcmake contains a lot of makefile variables. fpcmake will write all of the keys in the makefile.fpc as makefile variables in the form SECTION_KEYNAME. This means that the following section:


will result in the following variable definitions:

override PACKAGE_NAME=mysql  
override PACKAGE_VERSION=1.0.5

Most targets and rules are constructed using these variables. They will be listed below, together with other variables that are defined by fpcmake.

The following sets of variables are defined:

Each of these sets is discussed in the subsequent:

  E.7.1 Directory variables
  E.7.2 Target variables
  E.7.3 Compiler command line variables
  E.7.4 Program names
  E.7.5 File extensions
  E.7.6 Target files