5.3.18 link : Cross-reference

The link tag is used to insert a reference to an element inside some piece of text or inside the seealso section. It is similar in functionality to the

<A HREF="SomeAnchor">some linked text</A>

construct in HTML.

The mandatory id attribute of the link tag should have the name of an element tag in it. This name is not case sensitive. FPDoc will issue a warning if it cannot find a matching name. It will look for matching names in the current file, and in all content files that have been specified with the import command-line option.

The link tag can exist in 2 forms: one with separate closing tag, surrounding a piece of text, one without separate closing tag. If a piece of text is surrounded by the link tag, then the text will be converted to a hyperlink in the HTML documentation. If there is no surrounded text, then the value of the id attribute will be used as the text. This means that

<link id="TStream">TStream</link>


<link id="TStream"/>

are completely equivalent.


The <link id="TStringlist">stringlist</link> class is a descendent of the  
<link id="TStrings"/> class.

See also: element (179), url (236) and the import option (section 3.2.18, page 59).