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Record describing one published property of a class


Source position: typinfo.pp line 708

type TPropInfo = packed record


  PropTypeRef: PPTypeInfo;

  GetProc: CodePointer;


Read handler

  SetProc: CodePointer;


Write handler

  StoredProc: CodePointer;


Procedure pointer for stored keyword.

  Index: Integer;


Index for array properties

  Default: LongInt;


Default value

  NameIndex: SmallInt;


Index for indexed properties

  PropProcs: Byte;


Flags describing property procedures.

  Name: ShortString;


Property name

  property PropType: PTypeInfo; [r]


Property type

  property Tail: Pointer; [r]

  property Next: PPropInfo; [r]



The TPropInfo record describes one published property of a class. The property information of a class are stored as an array of TPropInfo records.

The Name field is stored not with 255 characters, but with just as many characters as required to store the name.

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