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Reference for unit 'TypInfo'

Access Run-Time Type Information (RTTI)




Various system utilities.


The TypInfo unit contains many routines which can be used for the querying of the Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) which is generated by the compiler for classes that are compiled under the {$M+} switch. This information can be used to retrieve or set property values for published properties for totally unknown classes. In particular, it can be used to stream classes. The TPersistent class in the Classes unit is compiled in the {$M+} state and serves as the base class for all classes that need to be streamed.

The unit should be compatible to the Delphi unit with the same name.

The examples in this chapter use a rttiobj auxiliary unit, which contains an object that has a published property for all supported types. It also contains some auxiliary routines and definitions. This unit is included in the documentation sources, in the directory typinfex.

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