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File Name handling routines

Functions for file manipulation.

Name Description
AnsiCompareFileName Compare 2 filenames
AnsiLowerCaseFileName Create lowercase filename
AnsiUpperCaseFileName Create uppercase filename
AddDisk Add disk to list of disk drives
ChangeFileExt Change extension of file name
CreateDir Create a directory
DeleteFile Delete a file
DiskFree Free space on disk
DiskSize Total size of disk
ExpandFileName Create full file name
ExpandFileNameCase Create full file name case insensitively
ExpandUNCFileName Create full UNC file name
ExtractFileDir Extract drive and directory part of filename
ExtractFileDrive Extract drive part of filename
ExtractFileExt Extract extension part of filename
ExtractFileName Extract name part of filename
ExtractFilePath Extract path part of filename
ExtractRelativePath Construct relative path between two files
FileAge Return file age
FileDateToDateTime Convert file date to system date
FileExists Determine whether a file exists on disk
FileGetAttr Get attributes of file
FileGetDate Get date of last file modification
FileSearch Search for file in path
FileSetAttr Get file attributes
FileSetDate Get file dates
FindFirst Start finding a file
FindNext Find next file
GetCurrentDir Return current working directory
RemoveDir Remove a directory from disk
RenameFile Rename a file on disk
SameFileName Check whether 2 filenames are the same
SetCurrentDir Set current working directory
SetDirSeparators Set directory separator characters
FindClose Stop searching a file
DoDirSeparators Replace directory separator characters

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